Why Buy Local

Top Seven Reasons To Buy Local:

• Conserving tax dollars: By keeping your money in Grove City, more of it will go towards local taxes

• Creating and keeping local jobs: The more sales our local businesses, the more employees they need to keep up with demand.

• Nurturing the community by growing small businesses: Buying in Grove City will personally help people we know and that care about some of the same things we do. And they’re more likely to return the favor to local non-profits than corporations.

• Receiving greater customer service from local owners: People that own and run a business in their own community tend to have greater expertise in their field and show greater care for their customers than larger chains

• Helping the environment: If you’re only driving a few blocks over instead of all the way across town, you’re using less fuel (very important lately) and shrinking your carbon footprint.

• It’s convenient for residents in Grove City (saves on gas): These days, the less we have to drive and the less time it takes to get there and on to the rest of our day, the better.

• Making Grove City a destination that stands out: The more unique and welcoming our businesses and communities, the more we’ll attract tourists and other shoppers.

  • Not to mention many of them are businesses you already know…
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