Unemployment in Grove City

Take a look at this graph that shows the number of Grove City residents that have been unemployed in the last 14 years or so.

There’s certainly a good reason to be concerned about and, hopefully, determined to fix this problem in Grove City. With an estimated 1,050 out of ~35,000 people out of work in Grove City alone, finding a solution is critical.

With that said, here is a challenge to the people of Grove City: Whenever you hear someone mention a job they’re hiring for in Grove City, tell them to visit SupportGroveCity.org and submit that job here. It will take them less than 5 minutes to do so. But it could potentially put 1 of those 1,050 back to work, feeding themselves and their families. It would also help that business owner.

Owners: Make your lives easier and help Grove City at the same time. Submit A Job

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