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Living in or near Grove City and looking for Senior Photos for your high school senior? Well, you’ve hit the mother load. Thankfully the Grove City area has a ton of options for you at a few different prices.

Take a look at what I’ve listed below and contact who you’d like.

For ladies, I’ve even thrown in the contact info for a local makeup artist – Tami Krebs – at the bottom. | 614.875.0147 | 800.246.3679 | | | | (614) 332-6900 | | |  (614) 560-3570 | |
(614) 947-9589 | |
| (614) 316-5561 | |
| (614) 507-2204 |
| (614) 207-5026 | | (614) 782-1055 | | | (614) 883-0377 | | | (614) 208-4020 |  |

Senior Pictures
Senior sessions are $40.

Tami Krebs takes special care to understand the unique needs of each our clients.  Creating an personal lessons for individual provides you with the tools for your life. This in-depth private lesson is for the novice, the experienced, the everyday woman, the aspiring makeup artist, or the client wanting to refresh her look, and to perfect your technique and makeup bag. These lessons can be 1-hour or 2-hour sessions.  We’ll focus on the foundation of your skin and create 2-3 personal looks for you to recreate simply on your own! Allowing Tami to personal shop for you will give you the products you need and will use rather than buying products that don’t work for you.  We’ll find the right fit for all your cosmetic needs.

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