Live Love Dew

Two Best friends who create & love natural products and want you to be able to experience them too! Made in Ohio! Safe! Always open at!

Love is in the air at Live Love Dew and we are getting you ready for Valentine’s Day with the perfect scents. Chocolate Covered Cherries and Buttercream are our picks for this years Day of Love! Choose products like Body Butter, Dew Drench Lotion, Dew Drops Spray, Massage Oil, Body Butter Minis, Sugar Scrub, Roll-on perfumes or purchase the set in your fragrance choice and save $8. If you prefer another fragrance, we recommend Love Bites, Essentially Lavender or Natural Grace as alternatives.

Made in Ohio, whole & natural skin care, soy candles and more for you and your family! Safe. Whole. Natural. Using whole ingredients, because we DEW know what your skin is craving. Dew you know what you’re putting on your skin? We Dew at Live Love Dew!

Owners: Crissy Conner | Lori Clark / |
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