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What this guy explains in this video is that, essentially, Facebook thinks of you as an advertiser. Whether you run a business page or you just want to share a few good quotes on your personal, you are thought of as an advertiser. And believe it or not, just because someone is friends with you or follows your page, that doesn’t mean they are seeing what you post.

That can be pretty frustrating to think about. Knowing how hard you might have worked to get people to like your page and finding out that even the ones who follow you may not be seeing what your posting about your business. It’s all related to how Facebook makes money for itself. Since it doesn’t really have a great model, it basically just throttles back the reach you should have through your friends, followers, “like”-ers, etc. If you want to reach all of them (and maybe some new people) your best chance is to pay them. 

This means that, even as an individual with friends and not just followers, you would have to pay for all of your friends to actually see your latest cat video. The quality of said cat video aside, that can be pretty frustrating.

What do you do with this? At least as a business owner, keep in mind that Facebook is a really great way to keep in touch with customers and potentially create new ones. However, it’s more likely the hear your news if they are actively looking for you or your service. Unless you are paying to promote posts and ads, they are not very likely to randomly see one of your posts; even if a friend of theirs reposts it, they still may not see it

Your Facebook page functions more like a website- which customers find when they look for it- than as an advertisement that seeks them out. It’s very efficient, easy to find and link to, but it doesn’t overwhelm them with commercials. To the loss of that business owner, sometimes.

Keep that in mind when running your businesses Facebook page.

For more from this author of the video above, visit his website: http://devour.com/video/the-problem-with-facebook/

And to hear Facebook’s thoughts on businesshttps://www.facebook.com/business

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