About Us

Support Grove City is a service provided by Cultivate, a non-profit that provides small business and startup resources in Grove City Ohio.  Everyone can use some extra help with growing their business and we’re here to help with that where we can.

We require that the businesses in our listing meet the following criteria, with some consideration given to unique circumstances in which something is not met:

*The business must be located in Grove City (or has a 43123 zip code) and have no headquarters outside of Ohio.

*The business must not be a franchise.

*The owner(s) must have full decision-making authority over the name, look, practices, procedures, policies, purchasing, distribution, marketing, advertising and branding decisions.

*The business must pay all of its own rent, marketing expenses and other expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters.

*The business must have no more than 10 locations, with the majority located inside Ohio.

At this time we do not accept agents or marketing representatives into the directory when they operate as part of a larger organization that does not fit the buy local criteria

Support Grove City has the potential to do a lot more than simply advertise locals businesses. In the future we hope to expand into things like, but not limited to, holding workshops for growing business, hosting food drives for nearby food pantries and connecting potential employees with Grove City businesses looking to expand their staff.

Support Grove City was started by a local small business owner and resident of Grove City.


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