Some Resume Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile !

Andrea Kay Gannett of USA Today had this to say about your LinkedIn profile   “Get a Makeover, of Your LinkedIn Profile, before Networking.” 1. Make the most of your “headline,”. Grab their attention with a professional-looking photo and brief description of the best of your work so far. Something like “Reached record sales numbers during my 5 years as manager.” 2. Complete the section asking for past experience. Employers want to see that you know what you’re doing. One previous job is not really enough. List as many as you can (within reason). 3. Customize your LinkedIn URL. In short, this makes it easier to find your profile when a potential employer “Googles” your name. And they probably will. 4. Move around the various sections of your profile to best position yourself the way you want to be seen. Think about what piece of information is most important that a potential employer know and move that to the top of your profile. 5. Update your profile headline when something changes. Employers want to see that you’re active. Changing your headline can remind them you’re out there and consistently working. Kay, Gannett, Andrea. “Get a Makeover, of Your LinkedIn Profile, …

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Unemployment in Grove City

Take a look at this graph that shows the number of Grove City residents that have been unemployed in the last 14 years or so. There’s certainly a good reason to be concerned about and, hopefully, determined to fix this problem in Grove City. With an estimated 1,050 out of ~35,000 people out of work in Grove City alone, finding a solution is critical. With that said, here is a challenge to the people of Grove City: Whenever you hear someone mention a job they’re hiring for in Grove City, tell them to visit and submit that job here. It will take them less than 5 minutes to do so. But it could potentially put 1 of those 1,050 back to work, feeding themselves and their families. It would also help that business owner. Owners: Make your lives easier and help Grove City at the same time. Submit A Job

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